Digital Camera Magazine Reader Challenge Featuring Little Ol' ME!

I put my name forward to Digital Camera Magazine to be included in a Reader Day article. Photography guru Ed Godden took me out for the day and showed me the ropes on my Digital SLR.

Batch 101 Badge Design and Branding

I've been working on these badges for my new accessories brand 'Batch 101'. Each handmade badge has been lovingly created from reclaimed materials. I have shot an example of the variety of badges available to buy from 'Batch 101' on the insides of old envelopes, which I have always found to have interesting patterns and colours.
I need my brand ID to be quite masculine, as I've noticed my competitors position their brands with an overtly feminine stance, which I think misses a trick. Although my badges would come under the category of 'accessories', they are unisex, and I need that to be very clear so as not to alienate the fellas.

Chocolate Making and Photography

I attended a Chocolate making workshop recently and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to attempt food photography without the aid of studio apparatus such as a tripod or lighting equipment. Incidentally, the chocolate tastes amazing!

Band Brand and Album Artwork Design

I've been working on some brand ident designs for a new band. They're a really lovely bunch of chaps... keep your ears open for them!

Ag's Clothes and Accessories Brand Design

Here's the identity created for a new designer clothing boutique in groovy Glasgow. The Boutique is a really innovative and exciting project. The collection on sale will be comprised of pieces from post-grad fashion designers from and around the Glasgow area, along side vintage style clothes and accessories. With this in mind, I created a traditional mirror frame filigree identity with contemporary flourishes and typography for the brand.

Wraxall Brand and Packaging Design

Wraxall Vineyard is in Somerset England (and incidentally it's a beautiful location). I was approached by the new proprietors to re-position and develop their brand and to design an identity and labels for their debutant wine for 2008 'Madeleine Angevine'. This went on to win an award at the 2008 English Wine Awards at the House of Lords. The event was featured in The Grape Press Publication and there I am on the front cover!

Bike Bell Sticker Design

Inspired by an old bell I had on my vintage bike that was stolen.